In your area of focus within the strategic management field, what intrigues you most?

“These days, I am mostly interested in understanding entrepreneurship in less developed economies so that we can understand the mechanisms that support or suppress performance of entrepreneurial ventures in under-resourced environments.”

Please share an impactful article or book that has shaped your professional life, career, or journey in strategic management, and explain it’s impact.

“I cannot pinpoint one article, but can affirmatively say that the work of several scholars has influenced my career trajectory to this point. Tricia McDougall-Covin’s work influenced my focus on new ventures; David Audretsch influenced my focus on regions; and I would say my shift to incorporating qualitative research is a result of my admiration of Kathy Eisenhardt’s work throughout the years.”

What advice would you give to someone who wants to enter the field of strategic management?

“Be strategic about what you study. Align yourself with issues that are or should be important to society and work to understand how firms affect and are affected by those issues.”

When you are not immersed in strategic management, what can we find you doing?

“Definitely traveling! Even after 117 countries and territories across all seven continents, I have not grown tired of exploring new places in the world!”