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Special Issues are an important part of the Global Strategy Journal (GSJ). Special Issues primarily focus on a single topic of relevance to the entrepreneurship field and have the potential of opening new ground for further research. 

Interested in submitting a Special Issue proposal? Review the Special Issue policies, then email the GSJ Editorial Office at 

All Special Issue manuscripts considered for submission must be sent to GSJ's online submission site. For information as to the form of submission, including style and other submission guidelines, please click below

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Call for Proposals: Special Issues for Global Strategy Journal 

Global Strategy Journal (GSJ) accepts submissions of proposals for Special Issues that address either novel and original topics in global strategy or established topics from a fresh perspective. Special issues should encourage research in global strategy that has the potential to influence the field and be aligned with GSJ’s Aims and Scope, i.e., the interaction between the global context of organizations and their strategies and strategic management. Proposals establishing links between strategic management and other disciplines (e.g., economics, political economy, history, law, psychology, sociology, geography, international relations, etc.) are welcome.  

Special Issues proposals should be submitted to the journal co-editors  

A proposal should explain the conversation the Special Issues intends to join and the rationale for the Special Issues. It should be approximately three pages long, excluding references and contributors’ bios.   

The special issue proposal has three parts: (a) a justification and need for the special issue on the proposed topic. This should include a brief state of the literature, recent special issues on the topic published in GSJ or other journals, and how the proposal will go beyond and contribute to the literature and advance the previous special issues on the topic; (b) an explanation of the potential topics that authors interested in the special issue could address; and (c) a description of the process for submission, plans for paper development workshops, and the biographies of the proposed editorial team. Bios should be limited to 400 words per contributor. Please submit everything in one PDF file. 

Submitters are requested to disclose in the cover letter any previously published or in-process projects on similar themes. 

Assessment and decision process 

Proposals will be assessed by the GSJ co-editors on the basis of the proposal’s originality and novelty of the topic, the topic’s timeliness and importance, and in terms of the overall quality of the proposal and strength of the editorial team.  

The co-editors are committed to processing submissions expeditiously. They may turn down the proposal, invite a revised one, or accept it. Decisions are at the discretion of GSJ’s co-editors.  

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