Why did you decide to get involved with the Strategic Management Society?

“Like the old song from Cheers, sometimes you want to go “where everyone knows your name.” Other societies were great, but SMS was “home.” When I started, people certainly didn’t know my name. However, when I came to register in those early years, Mary Lou Schendel did know me. Over time, a few others eventually came to know me.”

In your area of focus within the strategic management field, what intrigues you most?

“I am most known for strategic human capital. Here, I have found that many (most) of the basic tenets (borrowed from economics) have been misleading or inconsistent with assumptions strategy scholars adopt. In many cases, it means starting from scratch. There is so much we don’t know and so much yet to do.”

Please share an impactful article or book that has shaped your professional life, career, or journey in strategic management, and explain it’s impact.

“I’ll suggest Andy Van de Ven’s book, Engaged Scholarship. The focus is on the connection between academic pursuits and practice. Of course, this is where SMS is strongest. However, sometimes we focus so much on research that the connection to practice is a bit tenuous and we need to remind ourselves.”

What are you reading right now?

“Trying to write actually. A rare occurrence given my dept chair responsibilities. Counting time until my next sabbatical…”