Finalists for Annual Conference Track Best Paper Proposal Competition


Becoming a Different Defense Agency: Dynamic Capabilities as a Planning Process

Joakim Netz (Jönköping University)




Unveiling the Experimentation Process of Business Model Innovation: A Sociomateriality Perspective

Catherine Archambault (Lille Catholic University)

Xavier Lecocq (University of Lille)


Managing CSR Initiatives to Maximize Business Impact: Inside the Black Box of CSR Strategy

Frederic Dalsace (HEC Paris)

Nicole Dragonetti (Sorbonne Business School)


Ecosystem Emergence as a Strategic Transformation of Activity Systems: Towards a Process Model

Joachim Stonig
Torsten Schmid
Guenter Mueller-Stewens


 Creating a New Platform Ecosystem by Drafting Off Another

Saeed Khanagha
Luciano C. Oviedo
Shahzad Ansari
Sotirios Paroutis

 Managerial Attention, Communicative Practices, Business Model Innovation: A Study on the Dutch Design Industry

Maria Rita Micheli 
Luca Berchicci
​William Ocasio



Board of Director Involvement in M&A Negotiations:  A Process Perspective

Heather Parola

Kimberly Ellis


Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost: Partner Instability and Performance of Windfarm Joint Ventures

Nora Balogh

Isabel Estrada Vaquero

Gjalt de Jong


The Pursuit of Power: Coalitions, Coalitional Politics and Strategic Decision Making

Richard Busulwa

Bruce Gurd


Narrative Construction during Strategic Change:  A Dynamic Perspective

Elena Dalpiaz

Giada Di Stefano


A Framework for Organizational Transition into Hybridity: A Case Study of a Nonprofit in India

Anjan Ghosh

Shahzad Ansari


Business Model Innovation Following a Disruption:  Reactions of Pharmaceutical Incumbents to the Biotech Revolution

Ivanka Visnjic

Patricia Klarner

Julian Birkinshaw



Best Conference Proposal Reviewers

2019 Strategy Process Interest Group - Best Conference Proposal Reviewers

  • Nufer Yasin Ates (Sabanci University)
  • Julian Birkinshaw (London Business School)
  • Ronei Leonel (The University of Memphis)
  • Jennifer Sexton (Mississippi State University)