Finalists for Annual Conference Track Best Paper Proposal Competition


Beyond the Possible: How Foresight and Imagination Shape Corporate Climate Change Mitigation Strategies

Stavros Vourloumis (Athens University of Economics and Business)

Ioannis Thanos (Athens University of Economics and Business)




Practice the Purpose Preach: Experimental Evidence on Workers’ Willingness to Go the Extra Mile

Nikolai Brosch (Technical University of Munich)


The Role of Temporal Attitude in Strategic Decision-Making

Alexander Janotte (University of St. Gallen)

Tomi Laamanen (University of St. Gallen)


The Sky is the Limit: The Bias Against Large Projects

Johanna Schnier (Kuehne Logistics University)

Christina Raasch (Kuehne Logistics University)

Ferdinando Patat (European Southern Observatory (ESO))


Power to the People? The Limits of Equality Based Involvement in Managing Strategic Change

Daniel Mack (Singapore Management University)

Quy Huy (INSEAD)




Emergent Strategy from Spontaneous Anger: Crowd Dynamics in the First 48 Hours of the Ferguson Shooting

Ravi Kudesia (Temple University)


How Top Managers Change Their Portfolio of Organizational Heuristics

Madeleine Rauch (Copenhagen Business School)

Matthias Wenzel (Leuphana University of Lüneburg)

Jochen Koch (European University Viadrina)


Becoming a Different Defense Agency: Dynamic Capabilities as a Planning Process

Joakim Netz (Jönköping University)




Unveiling the Experimentation Process of Business Model Innovation: A Sociomateriality Perspective

Catherine Archambault (Lille Catholic University)

Xavier Lecocq (University of Lille)


Managing CSR Initiatives to Maximize Business Impact: Inside the Black Box of CSR Strategy

Frederic Dalsace (HEC Paris)

Nicole Dragonetti (Sorbonne Business School)


Ecosystem Emergence as a Strategic Transformation of Activity Systems: Towards a Process Model

Joachim Stonig
Torsten Schmid
Guenter Mueller-Stewens


 Creating a New Platform Ecosystem by Drafting Off Another

Saeed Khanagha
Luciano C. Oviedo
Shahzad Ansari
Sotirios Paroutis

 Managerial Attention, Communicative Practices, Business Model Innovation: A Study on the Dutch Design Industry

Maria Rita Micheli 
Luca Berchicci
​William Ocasio



Board of Director Involvement in M&A Negotiations:  A Process Perspective

Heather Parola

Kimberly Ellis


Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost: Partner Instability and Performance of Windfarm Joint Ventures

Nora Balogh

Isabel Estrada Vaquero

Gjalt de Jong


The Pursuit of Power: Coalitions, Coalitional Politics and Strategic Decision Making

Richard Busulwa

Bruce Gurd


Narrative Construction during Strategic Change:  A Dynamic Perspective

Elena Dalpiaz

Giada Di Stefano


A Framework for Organizational Transition into Hybridity: A Case Study of a Nonprofit in India

Anjan Ghosh

Shahzad Ansari


Business Model Innovation Following a Disruption:  Reactions of Pharmaceutical Incumbents to the Biotech Revolution

Ivanka Visnjic

Patricia Klarner

Julian Birkinshaw



Best Conference Proposal Reviewers

2021 Strategy Process Interest Group - Best Conference Proposal Reviewers

  • Rhonda Reger (University of North Texas)
  • Dmitry Sharapov (Imperial College London)
  • Kerrigan Unter (George Washington University)

2020 Strategy Process Interest Group - Best Conference Proposal Reviewers

  • Alexander Alexiev (University of Amsterdam)
  • Ragnhild Kvålshaugen (BI Norwegian Business School)
  • Jeanine P. Porck (Oklahoma State University)

2019 Strategy Process Interest Group - Best Conference Proposal Reviewers

  • Nufer Yasin Ates (Sabanci University)
  • Julian Birkinshaw (London Business School)
  • Ronei Leonel (The University of Memphis)
  • Jennifer Sexton (Mississippi State University)

Outstanding Service Award

2021 Strategy Process Interest Group - Outstanding Service Award

  • Patricia Klarner (WU Vienna)
  • Jennifer Sexton (Mississippi State University)
  • Jeanine Porck (Oklahoma State University)