Strategy Process IG

Strategy Process Leadership


picture of Dries Faems
Dries Faems
University of Groningen

Program Chair

picture of Jorge Walter
Jorge Walter
George Washington University

Associate Program Chair

picture of Frances Fabian
Frances Fabian
University of Memphis

The Interest Group focuses on the factors that govern the formation of strategies at the group, functional, business, corporate, and network levels of analysis. The area draws on diverse theories including intra-organizational evolution, bounded rationality, power/politics, organizational learning, socio-cognitive theory, organizational contingency theory, and others. Research streams encompass a broad range of phenomena, including strategic planning, strategic decision-making, strategy implementation, strategic change & renewal, consensus, politics and power in strategy-making, the role of organizational actors in strategy-making (e.g. CEO’s, top management teams, boards of directors, middle-level and operational managers), and the development of comprehensive models of strategy formation.

Emerging research streams include: the micro-practices of strategy making, the development of strategic initiatives, idea generation and creativity in strategy, the role of chance events, capability development and the role of emotions in strategy. A major role of the strategy process research area is to act as an integrative mechanism in the wider strategic management domain for the dynamics of strategic elements over time.


picture of Patricia Klarner
Patricia Klarner
Vienna University of Economics and Business
picture of Michael Mol
Michael Mol
Copenhagen Business School
picture of Devaki Rau
Devaki Rau
Northern Illinois University
picture of Anna Brattström
Anna Brattström
Lund University
picture of Markus Kreutzer
Markus Kreutzer
EBS University of Business and Law
picture of Murat Tarakci
Murat Tarakci
Erasmus University Rotterdam