Cooperative Strategies IG

A number of initiatives have been proposed by the members to support the mission of our IG to develop and promote Cooperative Strategy as a critical research domain as well as its relevance to business practice. These initiatives include the pre-conference Saturday workshops and Sunday discussion panels. The themes of these sessions reflect the expressed interests of our members and cover broad topics such as directions for future research on cooperative strategies and emerging theoretical directions in the field. Some of the recent presentations can be found here.


Alliance dynamics and instability- Arino SMS 2016
Alliance dynamics and instability - Madhok SMS 2016
Alliance dynamics and instability - Polidoro SMS 2016
Dynamics and stability of multipartner alliances - Heidl SMS 2016
Individuals & contracts - Lumineau SMS 2016
Interaction between cooperation and competition - Chatain SMS 2016
Governing shareholder relationships - Jia, Rajagopalan, Shi & Wang SMS 2016
Putting the organization back into contract design - Tyler SMS 2016
Unpacking organizational roles in the contract design process - Ring SMS 2016