Cooperative Strategies: Awards & Recognition

Cooperative Strategies Best Paper

2021 Finalists

  • Curtis Meloy Goldsby and Marvin Hanisch, "Platforms, Blockchains, and Hybrids: Toward a Theory of Digital Governance of Interorganizational Networks"

2020 Finalists

  • Exequiel Hernandez, Jason Lee, and J Myles Shaver, "Alliance Network Externalities and Firm Innovation: Separating Endogenous from Exogenous Network Effects"
  • Dennis Helding Jacobsen and Diego Stea, "Network Dynamics: A Review and Research Agenda"

2019 Finalists

  • Ashton Hawk, Jeffrey Reuer, and Andrew Garofolo, "The Need for Speed:  Firm Speed and the Decision to Go Alone Versus Partner"

2017 Finalists 

  • Vijayaraghavan Venkataraman, Marco Ceccagnoli, and Chris Forman, “Multi-homing within platform ecosystems: The strategic role of human capital”

2016 Finalists

  • Libby Weber and Christopher Bauman, “The Impact of Promotion and Prevention Contracts on Trust in Repeated Exchanges: An Experimental Investigation”
  • Ilze Kivleniece, “Public-Private Partnering, Environmental Uncertainty and Hybrid Organizational Design” 

2015 Finalists

  • Annika Lorenz, Nadine Roijakkers, and Wim Vanhaverbeke, “The Fine Line Between Success and Failure: Joint Venture Management at Nestea and Lipton Ice Tea”
  • Francisco Polidoro and Pedro Mesquita “Building Blocks with Old Friends:  Social and Technological Influences on Exploration via Firm- University Collaboration”