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This Interest Group focuses on questions concerning firms and their interactions within product and factor markets over time. For example, what are the dimensions and drivers of business performance? How do businesses interact with one another and with their environment? What is the nature and effect of these interactions? What is competitive advantage? How can firms build and maintain a competitive advantage in a changing world? What role do resources and capabilities play in shaping firms and industries over time? How do groups and clusters of firms arise and what are their effects?



picture of Aleksandra Kacperczyk
Aleksandra Kacperczyk
London Business School

Program Chair

picture of Olga Hawn
Olga Hawn
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Associate Program Chair

picture of Francesco Castellaneta
Francesco Castellaneta
Skema Business School

Engagement Officer

picture of Jorge Guzman
Jorge Guzman
Columbia Business School

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CSIG 2022 Business Meeting

The CSIG had an exciting event at the business meeting this year: two prominent senior scholars – Rajshree Agarwal (U of Maryland), co-editor at SMJ, and Lamar Pierce (Washington University of Saint Louis), department editor at MS and incoming editor-in-chief at OS – joined us to lead a discussion on Competition in Strategy research. During the session, they discussed issues such as: (a) How would you define the field of strategic management? (b) How have you seen it change over the year? (c) What suggestions would you give to a PhD student or a young researcher entering the field? During the business meeting, we announced winners of two awards: (a) Best Proposal Award for Creativity in Research, CSIG 2022; and (b) Best Proposal Award for Rigor in Research, CSIG 2022. We also announced the names of the recipients for the Best Reviewer Awards. Finally, leaders of the IG gave an update about the pre-conference and conference program for SMS London 2022 and the Engagement Officers told us everything about new exciting initiatives we have planned as an IG. The session was recorded and you can access the video below.

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picture of Jorge Guzman
Jorge Guzman
Columbia Business School
picture of Elena Plaksenkova
Elena Plaksenkova
Ohio State University
picture of Elie Sung
Elie Sung
HEC Paris



picture of Valentina Assenova
Valentina Assenova
University of Pennsylvania
picture of Thomaz Teodorovicz
Thomaz Teodorovicz
Copenhagen Business School