Competitive Strategy IG

This Interest Group focuses on questions concerning firms and their interactions within product and factor markets over time. For example, what are the dimensions and drivers of business performance? How do businesses interact with one another and with their environment? What is the nature and effect of these interactions? What is competitive advantage? How can firms build and maintain a competitive advantage in a changing world? What role do resources and capabilities play in shaping firms and industries over time? How do groups and clusters of firms arise and what are their effects?



picture of Tomasz Obloj
Tomasz Obloj
HEC Paris

Program Chair

picture of Giada Di Stefano
Giada Di Stefano
Bocconi University

Associate Program Chair

picture of Aleksandra Kacperczyk
Aleksandra Kacperczyk
London Business School

Engagement Officer

picture of Elisa Operti
Elisa Operti
ESSEC Business School
picture of Charlotte Ren
Charlotte Ren
University of Pennsylvania

Competitive Strategy IG on YouTube

2020 Competitive Strategy Interest Group Business Meeting

The CSIG Business Meeting saw a new exciting event this year. Members of our IG were joined by two prominent senior scholars – Connie Helfat (Dartmouth), co-editor at SMJ, and Gautam Ahuja (Cornell), editor-in-chief at Organization Science – who led a discussion on Competition in Strategy research. During the session, they discussed issues such as: (a) What is the role of competition in strategy research? (b) Is this role changing in contemporary strategy research? If so, how and why? (c) What are the future directions in strategy research incorporating the study of competition? If you missed the event, you can watch the recording below. 

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picture of Nan Jia
Nan Jia
University of Southern California
picture of Charlotte Ren
Charlotte Ren
University of Pennsylvania
picture of Maciej Workiewicz
Maciej Workiewicz
ESSEC Business School
picture of Elisa Operti
Elisa Operti
ESSEC Business School
picture of Florenta Teodoridis
Florenta Teodoridis
University of Southern California