Behavioral Strategy IG

Behavioral Strategy Leadership


picture of Violina Rindova
Violina Rindova
University of Southern California

Program Chair

picture of William Ocasio
William Ocasio
Northwestern University

Associate Program Chair

picture of Nicolai Foss
Nicolai Foss
Bocconi University

The Behavioral Strategy Interest Group promotes research that applies cognitive and social psychology to strategic management theory and practice. Our aim is to ground strategic management in realistic assumptions about human cognition, emotion, and social interaction. We welcome research from many methodological traditions, from the quantitative (experiments, mathematical modelling, simulations, statistical field studies, brain imaging) to the qualitative (grounded theory, ethnography, textual analysis). We ask questions such as: What are the psychological underpinnings of the leading theories in strategic management? How do individual cognition and behavior scale to collective behavior in firms? Can an improved “psychological architecture of the firm” lead to competitive advantage?

Topic Areas of Research

Topic areas of research include:

  • Bounded rationality in competitive markets
  • Cognition and decision making; cognitive biases and heuristics
  • Cognitive schema and management perception
  • Individual and collective beliefs and ideologies
  • Prospect theory, reference points, and risk-taking
  • Emotions, motivations, personalities, and pathologies
  • The psychology of bargaining and organizational politics
  • Anomalies in strategic learning
  • The social psychology of group decision making


picture of Theresa Cho
Theresa Cho
Seoul National University
picture of Giada Di Stefano
Giada Di Stefano
picture of John Joseph
John Joseph
University of California, Irvine