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The Strategic Management Society is delighted to launch a new virtual initiative to reach Scholars in China and the region this academic year in partnership with Sun Yat-Sen University and Quarterly Journal Management (QJM). 

Learn from Others' Experiences: How to Manage the Early Stage of an Academic Career

September 10, 2021 from 8:00pm  - 10:00pm CDT (UTC -5) 

Please join organizers Yan "Anthea" Zhang (Rice University) and Xinchun Li (Sun Yat-Sen University) for the first session in this series. 

In recent years, many universities in China have adopted a tenure system. In this webinar, a group of junior and mid-career faculty from premier business schools in China are invited to share their early career experiences. The guest panelists are: Wei “Vivian” Guo (China Europe International Business School), Weiwen Li (Sun Yat-Sen University), Xibao Li (Tsinghua University), Yu Li (University of International Business and Economics), Xiwei Yi (Peking University), Qinqin Zheng (Fudan University), and Weiguo Zhong (Peking University). The panel will cover the following questions: (1) How to make the transition from a doctoral student to a junior faculty? (2) How to balance research, teaching and professional services as a junior faculty? (3) How to integrate management theories and China’s contexts in academic research? And (4) How to build and maintain effective coauthor relationships?

The webinar will be conducted in Mandarin. 

picture of Yan Anthea Zhang
Yan Anthea Zhang
Rice University
picture of Xinchun Li
Xinchun Li
Sun Yat-sen University
picture of Wei Guo
Wei Guo
China Europe International Business School
picture of Weiwen Li
Weiwen Li
Sun Yat-Sen University
picture of Xibao Li
Xibao Li
Tsinghua Univeristy
picture of Yu Li
Yu Li
University of International Business and Economics
picture of Xiwei Yi
Xiwei Yi
Peking University
picture of Qinqin Zheng
Qinqin Zheng
Fudan University
picture of Weiguo Zhong
Weiguo Zhong
Peking University

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