Welcome from the Editors

Welcome to the Global Strategy Journal web page. The journal was launched in 2011 and is now six years old! In that short life, it has gained real acceptance in the strategic management and international business communities, based both on peer comments and on hard analysis, and has developed a group of loyal fans. We were inducted into the Social Sciences Citation Index and Journal Citation Report in June 2015, and initially were ranked #16 out of 185 Management journals by 2-year impact factor (IF=3.694), and were similarly high on 5-year IF, influence score, and other measures. Although these inflated (one article really) rankings have come back to earth, the evidence is strong that people are reading and citing our articles. This is great news for us, the editors, and is equally important to our readers and contributors. Thanks for sticking with us – and we promise to stay interesting and to make your continuing support of value to you as well as to us.

We have continued to adapt our editorial team. Steve Tallman ended his term as co-editor at the end of 2016, but will stay on as a Consulting Editor and working with social media activities.  Ram Mudambi, Temple University, and Alvaro Cuervo-Cazzura, Northeastern University, began their terms as co-editors in January 2017, joining Torben Pedersen who will be staying on as the official old man. Africa Arino has stepped down from her Associate Editor perch, making room for Gabriel Benito, BI Norwegian School of Management. We continue to add and drop editorial review members every year, as well. If all of this churn has any negative impact on your experience as authors or readers, please let us know – we can’t offer research leadership if our constituency does not have confidence in our team.

We have received more than 730 submissions over the life of the journal through August 2016, and continue to be developmental and constructive in our handling of submitted manuscripts. About 75% of the manuscripts have been submitted to the reviewers (so only about 25% have been desk rejected) and about 46% of the 2016 manuscripts to date have been invited to revise and resubmit. The acceptance rate is around 15% percent and very importantly the turnaround time is very fast. In fact, the average number of days from submission to final first-round decision is 55 days thanks to our dedicated reviewers and editors. If you have an interest in submitting your work to GSJ, be confident that you will be given every chance to polish your work and a good bit of editorial developmental assistance in doing so.

We have had good participation of authors in our recent special issue on Strategy in Africa (planned for Feb 2017), with a record 61 submissions. The SI on Family Firms and Family Governed Multinationals in the Global Economy promises to offer unique and innovative perspectives on the family firm, and both Political Connections in Global Competition and Microfoundations of Global Strategy are now under review. As we look for the next really interesting ideas in global strategy for future Special Issues, we look for your thoughts on innovative ideas. Besides Special Issues, we recently (August 2016) published a Special Topic Forum (a Special Issue with limited requests for papers) on the topic of dynamic capabilities and global companies and are also working on an enhanced presence on electronic media by giving the SI editors opportunities to either discuss their topic on a podcast interview (Dynamic Capabilities) or as a video abstract (Strategy in Arica). If you have ideas about alternative directions for presenting research in the electronic realm in forms and forums that provide alternatives to the classic printed journal, please feel that you can contact either the GSJ co-editors or the Media Innovations editors to talk about them.

Our best wishes to the GSJ community of scholars,

Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra
Ram Mubambi
Torben Pedersen
Co-Editors, GSJ


picture of Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra
Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra
Northeastern University
picture of Ram Mudambi
Ram Mudambi
Temple University
picture of Torben Pedersen
Torben Pedersen
Bocconi University