“Strategy process research studies how strategies are envisioned, implemented, changed, and governed– be it via deliberate or emergent processes. During these times of increasing global challenges, unexpected shocks, as well as ongoing technological changes, studying and understanding strategy processes are more important than ever. A major role of strategy process research is to act as an integrative bridgehead within the broader strategic management domain to understand the dynamics of strategic elements over time.

The Strategy Process Interest Group welcomes academics and practitioners with any theoretical- and phenomena-based interests to move strategy process research forward. Our members advance our understanding of strategy process by questioning or unifying current paradigms, theories, and frameworks and by using diverse methodologies. Our Interest Group serves as a stage and community where our members share their research and insights and receive intellectual and professional support from our community.”

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Group Leadership Details

Carlo Salvato

Strategy Process Interest Group Chairperson
Bocconi University

Jeanine P. Porck

Strategy Process Interest Group Program Chair
Oklahoma State University

Helene Colman

Strategy Process Interest Group Associate Program Chair
BI Norwegian Business School


Alexander Alexiev

ESSCA School of Management

Joakim Netz

Jönköping University

Codou Samba

University of Tennessee-Knoxville

David King

Florida State University

Renate Kratochvil

BI Norwegian Business School

Joachim Stonig

University of St. Gallen


Jeanine P. Porck

Associate Program Chair & Engagement Officer of Strategy Process Interest Group
Oklahoma State University