About this Committee

This Interest Group focuses on questions concerning firms and their interactions within product and factor markets over time. For example, what are the dimensions and drivers of business performance? How do businesses interact with one another and with their environment? What is the nature and effect of these interactions? What is competitive advantage? How can firms build and maintain a competitive advantage in a changing world? What role do resources and capabilities play in shaping firms and industries over time? How do groups and clusters of firms arise and what are their effects?

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Group Leadership Details

Olga Hawn

Competitive Strategy Interest Group Chairperson
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Francesco Castellaneta

Competitive Strategy Interest Group Program Chair
Skema Business School

Joost Rietveld

Competitive Strategy Interest Group Associate Program Chair
University College London


Valentina Assenova

University of Pennsylvania

Ivana Naumovska


Thomaz Teodorovicz

Copenhagen Business School

Joao Albino Pimentel

University of South Carolina

Federica De Stefano

HEC Paris

Maria Roche

Harvard University


Jorge Guzman

Competitive Strategy Interest Group Engagement Officer
Columbia Business School