AUGUST 17, 2021
Deadline to Apply
SEPTEMBER 18, 2021
IG&C Workshops
SEPTEMBER 18-21, 2021
SMS Annual Conference

Virtual Workshop

SMS Workshops will be hosted on the virtual conference platform. Workshops are included in the cost of registration for the SMS 4th1 Annual Conference. 

Tenure Package: How Do Letter Writers Read and Evaluate It?

September 18, 2021 from 10:00h - 13:00h EDT

Sponsored by: Competitive Strategy Interest Group
Organized by: Hyunjin Kim and Maciej Workiewicz
Application Required by August 17

Workshop Description

When business schools evaluate a junior professor for tenure, they typically seek letters from several prominent individuals in the junior scholar’s area of research. This half-day workshop is intended to help assistant professors and late-stage doctoral candidates understand and prepare for the tenure process. The first half of the workshop will feature presentations by prominent senior faculty who have written tenure letters. They will describe the letter-writing process, explain how they evaluate a tenure package, and provide advice for junior scholars. The second half of the workshop will feature small roundtable discussions where junior scholars will describe their intended research program and receive feedback and advice from the senior scholars. This workshop is hosted by the Competitive Strategy Interest Group, and it is open to all conference attendees.

Senior Faculty

picture of Rajshree Agarwal
Rajshree Agarwal
University of Maryland
picture of Sarah Kaplan
Sarah Kaplan
University of Toronto
picture of Christopher Tucci
Christopher Tucci
Imperial College London
picture of Dennis Yao
Dennis Yao
Harvard University

Workshop Organizers

picture of Maciej Workiewicz
Maciej Workiewicz
ESSEC Business School

Application Requirements

An application is required for this workshop. Applicants should submit the following materials as a single document through the workshop website. Application Requirement: 

  1. A research statement (maximum 3 pages), which we will share with the senior faculty.
  2. Your top 4 preferences in terms of senior faculty you would like to be matched with for the roundtable discussions. (We will try our best to take your preferences into account when matching you to the senior scholars but cannot guarantee that you will be matched to your top choices. First come, first serve.) 

For consideration, please apply by August 17, 2021

Partcipants must have an accepted application and be registered to attend the SMS 41st Annual Conference to attend the workshop.