What is a Paper Session?

One of the primary objectives of the conference is to provide scholars opportunities for discussion and development of their latest research ideas in strategy. This is consistent with SMS’ practice of evaluating proposals rather than finished papers. In this spirit of discussion and development, the session format facilitates interaction among authors and audience on multiple papers in a related theme.

Format of the Paper Session:

  • Each paper session will include presentations by authors of 3-4 proposals. Thus the session will include at least one author of each proposal, a session chair, and audience members. Sometimes, the session chair is one of the presenting authors.
  • Each session will last for 1 hour 15 minutes.
  • Each presenting author will have 12-15 minutes for their presentation. The remaining time will be used for discussion.
  • To ensure that there is sufficient time for discussion with the audience, it is important that authors do not exceed the allotted presentation time.
  • LCD projectors will be available in each room, presenters will have to bring their presentation on a memory stick or upload it to the conference website ahead of time.
  • Presenters will be able to upload their presentation and/or handout to the website and make it available for download to other conference attendees.

Please do not hesitate to contact the SMS office if you have any questions.