2014 Grant Recipients: Dissertation Research Program

"Strategic Networking in the Informal Economy:  A Practice Perspective"

"The Causes and Consequences of Corporate Short-Termism"

"Waiting to Inhale:  How Medical Cannabis Entrepreneurs are Legitimating a Stigmatized Industry"

"The Role of Discourse in Industry Evolution:  The U.S. Newspaper Industry, 1990-2010"

"East or West, Home is Best:  Reviving Local Traditions to Effect Institutional Change"

"Interdependence in Strategic Decision Making"

"The Articulation of Market and Non-Market Strategies:  Three Essays on the Impact of Home Country and Firm-Specific Political Resources on Corporate International Strategy"

"Role of Social Comparisons in Learning from Experience:  Effects on Formation and Application of Mental Models"

"Fashion, Meaning, and Technology"

"Competing in Multiple Platforms:  Antecedents and Consequences of Complementors' Mobility"

"The Role of Organization Design in Recognition and Funding of Grass Root Innovation"

"The Corrosion of Novelty from Collaboration"

"A Resource-Based Perspective on Social Mission:  Valuable but Limiting in Non-Profit MFIs Response to Competition"

"Individual Level Resources and Social Entrepreneurship Emergence and Growth:  The Contingent Effect of National Institutional Context"

2013 Funded Proposals: General Research Program

Michael V. Russo (University of Oregon)

Andrew G. Earle (University of New Hampshire)

Suzanne G. Tilleman (University of Montana)

Srividya Jandhyala (George Washington University)

Sinziana Dorobantu (New York University)

2012 Grant Recipients: Dissertation Research Program

"Alliance Portfolio Reconfiguration Following a Technological Discontinuity"

"Corporate Social Responsibility, Employee Wages, and Productivity: Evidence from a Series of Field Experiments"

"Entrepreneurship, Mobility, and Rent Appropriation: Evidence from the Death of Coworkers and Rival Firms"

"Movements, Tactics, and Entry in Emerging Fields: The Impact of the Environmental Movement on Firms’ Timing of Entry and Resource Commitment in the Solar Photovoltaic Industry"

2011 Funded Proposals: General Research Program

Robert Morgan (Cardiff University)

Dennis Herhausen (University of St. Gallen)

Luigi de Luca (Cardiff University)

Marcus Schögel (University of St. Gallen)

Silvia Dorado-Banacloche (University of Rhode Island)

Bogdan Prokopovych (University of Rhode Island)

Elena Dalpiaz (Imperial College Business School)

2011 Grant Recipients: Dissertation Research Program

"Essays on Human Capital and Innovation Strategy"

"Prior to the Birth of Athena: Resource Reconfiguration for Entrepreneurial Entry and Creation of New Industries"

"The Triad that Binds: How the Social Structure of Analyst and Journalist Performance Evaluations Influences Relations Among Corporate Leaders and Their Strategic Decision Making"

"Controlling or Complying? The Opportunities and Challenges of Coordinated Technical Change"

"Essays on the Symbolic Management of Category Affiliations"