2016 Grant Recipients: Research in Organizations Program

"Categorization and Empathy as Drivers of Corporate Social Initiatives' Success"

Participating Organization: Danone Group

“Strategic Challenges Among Hybrid Organizations: A Field Experiment in Collaboration with Goodwill Industries International”

Participating Organization: Goodwill Industries International

“A Comparative Study of Innovation Initiatives: Understanding Embeddedness as a Strategic Choice”

Participating Organization: Caterpillar Inc.

2016 Grant Recipients: Dissertation Research Program

" Challenges for Offshoring R&D to Emerging Countries: Evidences from Foreign MNC Subsidiaries in India" 

" Experimentation in Nascent Markets: How Firms Effectively Commercialize New Technology" 

" Essays on a Demand-Side Driver of Industry Evolution" 

" Sharing, Listening, and Recombining:  The Micro-Foundations of Inter-Firm Tie Formation" 

" Nonmarket Strategy in Nascent Industries: How New Ventures Navigate Regulatory Ambiguity" 

"Within-Platform Competition: Examining the Strategic Dynamics of Platform Complementors in Mobile App Stores" 

" The Impact of Intellectual Property Rights on Cumulative Innovation: Evidence from Biotechnology Industry" 

"Developing Collaboration Between Startups and Large Firms: The Case of Corporate Accelerator Programs" 

"Technology AB Extra:  Technology Acquisitions and Complementarity and Substitutability of External Corporate Development Modes" 

"Retaining Valued Human Capital:  Investigating the Demand Side of the Labor Market" 

"Three Essays of Social Disapproval and Impression Management in the Social Media Era" 

"Knowledge Artifacts in Practice: Their Role and Impact on Strategy Making" 

"Mergers and Attributions: An Examination of M&A Terminations in 1996-2015" 

" The Role of Key Resource Providers in New Venture Resource Acquisition " 

2017 Grant Recipients: Research in Organizations Program

"Firm Strategy and Market Transformation during Regulatory Change: Competitive landscape in UK banking before, during and after the implementation of PSD2" 

Participating Organization: SWIFT Institute 

"Network Orchestrators and Institutional Change: Multilevel Opportunity Processes of Hybrid Organizations"
Participating Organization: Ashoka 

2017 Grant Recipients: Dissertation Research Program

"Value Creation at Intersection of Human Capital & Firm Resources: Case for Physical Working Environments"

"Do Financial Markets Discriminate CEOs: CEOs’ Ascribed and Achieved Status and Investors’ Reactions to Acquisitions"

"Visual Representations of Strategy"

"Multimodal Materiality Of Strategy:  How Different Modes of Materiality Combine to Link Strategizing Episodes"

"Great Idea, Now What? Examining the Relationship between Organizational Design, Invention and Innovation"

"Value Creation and Disintermediation in Online Marketplaces"

"Behavioral Perspective of Hedge Fund Activism"

"Inside the Net:  Essays on the Performance of Interorganizational Networks"

"The Network Dynamics of Collaboration on Performance:  A Multi-level Study"

"The Temporal Dynamics of Industry Clusters"

"Sleeping with the Enemy:  Antecedents and Outcomes of Cooperative Private Politics"

"Essays on the Consequences of Market Democratization for Organizations"

"Entrepreneurship in the Making: Observing Experimentation in Early-Stage Entrepreneurial Firms"