SMS Members are invited to submit recommendations for positions that will begin a term on the Board of Directors in January 2025. The Governance & Nominating Committee solicits your recommendations for three positions:

  • One (1) Elected President-Elect: six-year term, two-years as President-Elect, then two years as President, then two years as Past-President.
  • Two (2) Elected Director-at-Large: three-year terms.
  • One (1) Appointed Practitioner Director-at-Large: three-year term.

All nominations for these positions will be reviewed by the Committee after the nomination deadline on July 31.

As a membership-based organization, your input is invaluable so please take this opportunity to participate. Members can submit names through the survey accessed in the SMS Account portal.

Elections will be held from November 1 – 30, 2024. The winners of the election, along with the individual selected for the appointed position, will be announced in December and begin their terms on January 1.

Learn more about these positions

SMS President-Elect

Every two years SMS Members elect a new President-Elect for the Society. The person elected holds that position for two years, followed by two years as President and two years as Past-President. As such, the successful candidate is entering into a six-year commitment.

Each of these roles has important responsibilities. The President serves as the Chair of the Board of Directors and Chair of the Executive Committee. While SMS bylaws prescribe some authorities explicitly to the President, the accepted approach is to make decisions collectively with the Executive Committee and with the Board. This person serves as the primary “face” of the Society to the membership and to external stakeholders. In addition to active leadership during four formal meetings of the Board per year, the Executive Committee holds monthly meetings.

SMS Director-at-Large

The SMS Board of Directors is composed of the members of the Executive Committee and nine members of the Society. Members of the Board serve three-year terms.

The Board of Directors is the formal and final decision-making authority for the Society. The Board meets four times per year; additional ad-hoc and committee meetings may be required outside of regularly scheduled Board meetings.

For the upcoming term, the SMS Board has voted to include the appointment of a business practitioner to the Board for one of the three open Director-at-Large positions, as provided for in the SMS Bylaws. In addition to nominations for election, nominations for the appointed position are being solicited for consideration. Nominees for the appointed position must be current members of SMS who are currently engaged in business practice or consulting. Individuals nominated for the appointed position should be contacted prior to submission to confirm their interest in the role.

Published Date
01 July 2024

Article Type
Board Announcements


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