The Strategic Management Society is entering the final phase of a large scale technology project that has been underway for the last few years. SMS Members and other audiences will be seeing several new systems become available for them in the last quarter of 2023. As the first piece of this transition is launched with the new website, SMS would like to share additional information regarding the scope and timeline for the remaining components.

Beginning in Summer 2020, SMS underwent an audit of the systems being used to manage the information and programs of the Society. Following the audit, several recommendations surfaced for modernizing and improving operations and communications. As a result, the SMS Office has been working towards the modernization since that summer. Systems within the project include a redesigned website that focuses on a content-forward approach to align with audience needs, a more user-friendly member portal to facilitate member and event registration and the storage of user data, and a fresh conference submission and management portal. All of these systems are aimed toward the larger goal of an improved user experience, better risk management, and improved program operation efficiency. A summary of the systems and what to expect can be found below.

Redesigned Website

Launch: September 2023

The redesigned SMS website features a content-forward approach to provide visitors with the valuable information available in the SMS Journals and the SMS Explorer newletter. The site features all of the information on SMS Programs that was available in the former design but adapted to prioritize research, related content, and ways of being involved in the Society.

Features to highlight within the new website include:

  • A comprehensive search bar that will pull results from throughout the site to provide useful information.
  • Easy access to a variety of content including articles published in the SMS Explorer newletter.
  • Quick access through the member login for all Member Portal experiences.

Member Portal and Database

Launch: Early November 2023

The new SMS Member Portal and Database is designed using the Salesforce platform – state of the art technology for managing and storing data and information. This will dramatically increase the possibilities for SMS to offer programs and report on the success of initiatives. The Member Portal section of the system will feature easy access to all information for a user’s history with SMS, as well as their current committees and programs.

Features to highlight within the new member portal include:

  • A comprehensive member snapshot page that will summarize a user’s activity within SMS, provide information on SMS Membership and renewal, and allow access to other program components of interest.
  • An express payment link for registration that allow easier access for administrative staff to support purchases within SMS.
  • Integrations with most systems within the SMS technology to minimize logins.


Conference Submission and Management System

Launch: November 2023

The new Conference Submission and Management system is designed with the end-user in mind. The system is customizable for the variety of submission types and programs that SMS will operate within it. Additionally, the sophisticated tools for managing submissions for review and session building will support conference planning and provide a more seamless user experience.


In addition to these systems launching in late 2023, the technology project included the creation and launch of the SMS Member Circle in the Summer of 2021. This platform is designed to be a space for SMS Members to connect directly for networking, research collaboration, and idea sharing. Other systems within the initiative include adopting a marketing management tool for more efficient and effective communication, implementing a submissions management platform to manage SRF Grant and SMS Award applications, and creating an SMS Job Board. All of these systems were successfully added to the SMS portfolio in 2022-2023.


Published Date
14 September 2023

Written By

Andrea Schmidl

SMS Sr. Director of Operations & Technology

Article Type
SMS News



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