Strategic Human Capital IG

Strategic Human Capital Leadership


picture of Rebecca Kehoe
Rebecca Kehoe
Cornell University

Program Chair

picture of David Kryscynski
David Kryscynski
Brigham Young University

Associate Program Chair

picture of Anthony Nyberg
Anthony Nyberg
University of South Carolina

Appointed Roles

Information Resource Chair 2019-2021

Information Resource Chair 2019-2021

picture of Rhett Brymer
Rhett Brymer
University of Cincinnati

Knowledge Architecture Chair 2019-2021

picture of John Mawdsley
John Mawdsley
HEC Paris

Engagement Officer

picture of Ulya Tsolmon
Ulya Tsolmon
Washington University in St. Louis

The Strategic Human Capital Interest Group promotes research addressing the role of human capital in firm performance. Scholarship that is interdisciplinary and/or considers human capital at multiple levels of analysis is especially welcomed.

Questions We Attempt to Answer

Examples of the types of questions included in this conceptual space are the following:

  • How can firms purposefully create valuable firm-level human capital heterogeneity?
  • What are the mechanisms that link human capital to firm-level outcomes?
  • How do firms best manage the value appropriation challenges presented by “star” employees?
  • To what extent can firms gain competitive advantage through “people?”
  • Why and how do competitive interactions within labor markets (e.g., talent poaching) differ from competitive interactions in other strategic factor markets?
  • How do management practices that enhance the strategic value of human capital diffuse?
  • What factors explain differences in human capital productivity within industries?
  • How does human capital emerge and interact with other forms of intellectual capital (e.g., social capital, organizational capital) to influence firm-level outcomes?

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picture of Alia Crocker
Alia Crocker
Babson College
picture of Greg Reilly
Greg Reilly
University of Connecticut
picture of Ulya Tsolmon
Ulya Tsolmon
Washington University in St. Louis
picture of Rocio Bonet
Rocio Bonet
IE Business School
picture of Vanessa Burbano
Vanessa Burbano
Columbia University
picture of JR Keller
JR Keller
Cornell University