Strategic Human Capital Interest Group

The Strategic Human Capital Interest Group promotes research that sheds light on the role of human capital resources in unit and firm performance. This includes research related to the direct antecedents and outcomes of mobility, development, emergence, and deployment associated with human capital resources. Scholarship that is interdisciplinary and/or considers multiple levels of analysis is especially welcomed.

Questions we seek to address:

  • How can firms purposefully create valuable firm-level human capital resource heterogeneity?
  • What are the mechanisms that link human capital to firm-level outcomes?
  • How, when, and why does the emergence process convert human capital into human capital resources?
  • To what extent, when, and how can firms gain competitive advantage through people?
  • Why and how do competitive interactions within labor markets (e.g., talent poaching) differ from competitive interactions in other strategic factor markets? What are the implications of these differences?
  • How do management practices that enhance the strategic value of human capital resources diffuse?
  • What factors explain differences in human capital resource productivity within industries?
  • How does human capital emerge and interact with other forms of intellectual capital (e.g., social capital, organizational capital) to influence firm-level outcomes?
  • How do firms best manage the value creation opportunities and value appropriation challenges presented by “star” employees?

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