About this Committee

The Teaching Community was designed to provide a forum to help improve the classroom effectiveness of researchers who teach strategy. In addition to being important in its own right, helping SMS members improve their teaching effectiveness and efficiency is closely related to members’ ability to secure resources to facilitate their research mission. Therefore, the Teaching Community seeks to help improve the teaching effectiveness of SMS members through high-impact sessions at the SMS Annual Conference and throughout the calendar year.

Topic Areas of Research

content analyses of courses, new research on strategy pedagogy, literature reviews of prior pedagogy research

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Group Leadership Details

Felipe Monteiro

Teaching Community Chairperson

Maureen Meadows

Teaching Community Program Chair
Coventry University

R. Scott Livengood

Teaching Community Associate Program Chair
University of Colorado at Boulder


Sabine Reisinger

Johannes Kepler University Linz

Ayesha Malhotra

University of Calgary

Jiayi Bao

Texas A&M University

R. Scott Livengood

University of Colorado at Boulder

Candace TenBrink

University of Houston- Downtown

Andrea M. Hodge

Florida State University


R. Scott Livengood

Engagement Officer
University of Colorado at Boulder

Sabine Reisinger

Communications Officer
Johannes Kepler University Linz