SMS Service Award

The award is conferred in recognition of significant and enduring service that made an outstanding and distinguished contribution to the Strategic Management Society and its members.

SMS Service Award Past Recipients

picture of Steven Floyd
Steven Floyd
University of Massachusetts Amherst
picture of Irene Duhaime
Irene Duhaime
Georgia State University

Richard Bettis, 2016

picture of Richard Bettis
Richard Bettis
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Award Criteria and Nomination Process

Award Criteria:

  • The recipient is a person who has rendered lengthy, significant, and effective service to the SMS and its members
  • Recipients can be selected based on both volunteer and compensated work contributed to the field and/or the Society
  • Current members of the Board and current leaders of program activities (journals, conferences, research funding) are not eligible
  • Officers of the SMS are not normally eligible until 5 years after completion of their service

Nomination Process:

The following leaders of SMS activities will be invited each year to make nominations to Awards and Honors Committee:

  • Board Members
  • Interest Group Leadership
  • Journal Editorial Leadership
  • Current Conference Program Chairs
  • SRF Program Chairs

Recipients of the SMS Service Award will be determined by a majority vote of the SMS Board of Directors.

2020 SMS Service Award Recipient: Caroline McCarley

We are honored to present Caroline McCarley with the Strategic Management Society (SMS) Distinguished Service award. 

Wiley has been a close strategic alliance partner for the Strategic Management Society from the start – Handling production for all of our journals. However, sometimes our research treats alliances as organizational ties, independent of the exceptional people who make them work (their microfoundations, if you will). For over 15 years, Caroline McCarley has been our partner on the other side of the aisle. During this time, she understood and honored SMS interests and sought new creative ways that we could work closely together. She helped the rest of her organization understand and appreciate SMS and the unique value we bring to the table. At the same time, she helped SMS understand Wiley’s goals and objectives and why the Society was so important to them.

We have conducted a short interview with Caroline, as this year's recipient. Click below to see her answers.

I worked for Blackwell publishing as an executive editor responsible for our business and management journals. Blackwell was bought by Wiley and I was asked to manage the SMS relationship, which had been handled by our Chichester office since the beginning of the relationship back in 1980 or so. I was pleased with the opportunity since Blackwell had bid to publish the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal the year before and lost out to Wiley. I saw it as a great opportunity to expand the working relationship with the SMS since before that time, it had been pretty much just Dan Schendel and one person from Wiley who had worked together on things.

As stated above, SMS was being run in a pretty different way in 2007. You had hired an executive director, Niko Pelka, I think about one year before that and many new processes were being put in place that had not been there before. The decision-making process was being developed and shared more broadly than ever before. That took a little getting used to for the folks at SMS and certainly for me. I did work closely with Niko in those early years to figure out the best way to manage all the activities that were happening at SMS such as starting another new journal, Global Strategy Journal, putting editorial review processes in place, hiring of new editors, and getting SEJ up and running. While in most cases, I was simply an observer, Niko and I did speak often about how other societies did some of that work. I also worked closely with the President and what later became the publications committee. I think we learned a lot together. It was fun for me because the folks were all so interested in getting SMS to be the best society for its members and while we occasionally made mistakes, I enjoyed the experience. Today, I think much of that is now simply how business is done although I am sure you are changing and evolving as we all must in this new research world we are living.

Each new President brought a new set of ideas and challenges. As an example, we invested a good block of time on setting up a certification process to get a strategic management certificate that we wanted to market companies. Wiley was very excited about it and we did about a year’s worth of research and work on the idea and the President at the time was very excited. Because it took longer than anyone anticipated, a new President came into office and really was not that excited about it. We ran into some issues with the program and SMS decided to pull out. Things like that happen in society publishing and no one was at fault. Just a change in direction.

Another example that turned out great had to do with an editor tour in India. Wiley was eager to expand our publishing program in India and we wanted to put on some editor seminars to engage Indian business students. Will Mitchell and I visited 4 different business schools all across India and got great responses from the student and the institutions. It was really successful for us and I had a great time working with will.

The social media stuff we have worked on was always a challenge and I am not sure we ever pulled it off like we all wanted but it was not a lack of trying. Overall, my experience with working with SMS members was absolutely the favorite part of my job.

No. I loved working for you guys and always made sure that you were at the top of my list for anything new Wiley wanted to try. I can’t say that my bosses were thrilled about taking a walk on the certification program mentioned above but those things happen. Overall, the relationship with SMS is a great benefit to Wiley. SMJ is a huge earner for us and the relationship is critical for us in the greater subject discipline of business and management. I learned a lot about how to think strategically and it was fun. I only realized exactly how long it was while writing these answers. It went very fast.