SMS Annual Conference Research Methods Paper Prize

2020 Award Co-Chairs

picture of Donald Bergh
Donald Bergh
University of Denver
picture of Gwendolyn Lee
Gwendolyn Lee
University of Florida

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Prize Overview

Proposed by the Research Methods Community, the SMS Awards Committee approved the creation of the Research Methods Conference Paper Prize. This prize was first awarded in 2019 and recognizes research that is presented at the Annual Conference and introduces a new or improved method or exemplifies an adept application of an existing method. The prize recognizes studies that make significant advances to any type of methodology (qualitative, quantitative, or both) and methodological decision (e.g., sampling, design, measurement, analysis, modeling, etc.). Nominated authors are invited to submit a full version of their submitted proposal for consideration. Their papers are peer reviewed and finalists are named prior to the conference. All winners are presented with a commemorative certificate and recognition at the Annual Conference, usually during the awards luncheon.

Criteria for Submission Eligibility

  • This proposal must be presented at the Annual Conference by at least one registered, attending author
  • The author(s), the title, and the subject matter of the submitted papers must match the nominated proposal
  • The paper must not have been previously published
  • The full paper must be uploaded to the SMS website no later than July 1

2019 Research Methods Paper Prize Recipients

Cognitive Framing and Capability Development at the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Ryan Raffaelli, Harvard University
Tiona Zuzul, University of Washington
Ranjay Gulati, Harvard University
Jan Rivkin, Harvard University


Video Interview with Ryan Raffaelli