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Researching, Developing, and Teaching with Experiential Cases on Emerging Technologies

Saturday, October 24, 2020 
Time 14:00 - 17:00 UTC
Sponsored by: Teaching Community
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The theme chosen for this year’s case PDW marks the importance of emerging technologies in the global marketplace as well as training future leaders and educators in the context of emerging technology trends that have outpaced the debate on the future of globalization amidst forces of deglobalization. A unique feature of this interactive PDW is to bring together corporate executives and faculty interested in adopting new experiential methodologies and engage in a dialogue and debate about how to craft and teach cases in the context of the rapid proliferation of emerging technologies in the field. Two such technologies are Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) which have become engines of high growth and transformative businesses in global corporations.

The recent COVID-19 crisis has forced, at little notice, educational institutions to move from well-established highly interactive face-to-face teaching models to teaching from a distance. This overnight seismic shift has radically transformed the way we work, teach, and engage students in the classroom. Even though the case method remains one of the most established and proven pedagogical tools in strategy and management courses for almost a century, the academy is grappling with issues of maintaining rigor and relevance while keeping students engaged and enthusiastic about learning.

This is an invitation for senior, mid-career, and young faculty and doctoral students who want to bring enthusiasm and relevance in the process of providing a rigorous education in strategic management, global strategy, corporate governance, and innovation and technology management. In this context, there is also an opportunity to explore avenues for integrating the United Nations SDG’s into the development of cases.

The three-hour schedule includes corporate partner presentations and round table discussions facilitated by award-winning case scholars experienced in offering professional development workshops on teaching with cases and writing pedagogical cases around the world in addition to serving as reviewers for leading case publication outlets.

Corporate Partners

picture of Juergen Kuebler
Juergen Kuebler
Industry Services, Oracle Corporation
picture of Andy Clark
Andy Clark
Higher Education & State and Local Government, Oracle

Panelists and Round Table Facilitators

picture of Debapratim Purkayastha
Debapratim Purkayastha
ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education
picture of Mikhail Sondergaard
Mikhail Sondergaard
Aarhus University
picture of Oussama Darouichi
Oussama Darouichi
University of Neuchatel
picture of Philippe Lamb
Philippe Lamb
University of Neuchatel
picture of Stacey Edgar
Stacey Edgar
Colorado State University & University of Colorado Boulder

Workshop Organizers

picture of Vijaya Zinnoury
Vijaya Zinnoury
University of Denver
picture of Ning Su
Ning Su
University of Western Ontario
picture of Erica Berte
Erica Berte
Metropolitan State University
picture of Ronaldo Parente
Ronaldo Parente
Florida International University