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Field Experiments in Strategy: Challenges and Promises

Time 12:00 - 14:00 UTC
Sponsored by: Competitive Strategy Interest Group
Organized by: Hyunjin Kim and Rembrand Koning
To attend this workshop, please to sign up on the workshop website or join on the conference platform on Tuesday, October 20 at 12:00 UTC

Over the last few decades, field experiments have been on the rise across many disciplines, as a promising research method for causal inference. In strategy, interest in field experiments has also been growing, giving rise to many questions around their opportunities and challenges. When and how are field experiments valuable to explore questions in strategy?  What does a good strategy field experiment look like? What are unique challenges to running field experiments in strategy?      

This workshop seeks to explore these questions through an interactive discussion, with the aim of bringing together a perspective on the challenges and opportunities of field experiments as a method to advance our understanding of questions in strategy. The workshop will be divided into two parts. The first part will begin with faculty panelists, showcasing studies using field experiments and highlighting their strategy-specific design choices and challenges. Panelists will also include journal editors who can provide perspectives on publishing strategy research using field experiments. In the second part of the workshop, participants will discuss research ideas in two rounds of breakout sessions with panelists: those that already have projects underway will have the opportunity to receive personalized feedback, and those that are interested in starting to use field experiments will brainstorm possible research ideas together.


picture of Vanessa Burbano
Vanessa Burbano
Columbia University
picture of Caroline Flammer
Caroline Flammer
Columbia University
picture of Alfonso Gambardella
Alfonso Gambardella
Bocconi University
picture of Sharique Hasan
Sharique Hasan
Duke University
picture of Rembrand Koning
Rembrand Koning
Harvard Business School

Workshop Organizers

picture of Rembrand Koning
Rembrand Koning
Harvard Business School