Presentations FAQ

A Common Ground Session is an interactive discussion between the author(s), audience members, and a facilitator, centered around one common theme. Please click here for more information regarding a Common Ground Session.

A Paper Session is composed of 3 - 4 proposals that are presented sequentially by their author(s), with a short amount of time allotted for audience members to ask questions. Please click here for more information regarding a Paper Session, and click here for suggestions to improve your Paper Session presentations. 

The conference will officially begin on October 26, 2020, and will end on October 30, 2020. 

Due to the size of the conference and the complexity of constructing the conference schedule, it is very difficult for us to accommodate special requests. We do recognize that occasionally there are extenuating circumstances that prevent a presenter from being available on a specific day. In cases like these, please email the SMS Executive Office at and let us know of your constraints, and we will make an effort to take them into consideration when building the schedule.


We ask that authors submit their proposals using our online submission system. The deadline to submit is February 21, 2020.

We ask that all authors follow the submission guidelines for their proposal. If these guidelines are not followed, the submission runs the risk of being desk-rejected.

The deadline to submit a proposal is FEBRUARY 21, 2020.

Yes; you can be named as an author or co-author on no more than 2 proposals.

Registration FAQ

Registration for the 2020 Annual Conference will open mid-June 2020.

Yes, current SMS members receive a reduction on their registration fee. Click here for more information on becoming an SMS member.

Yes, SMS conference registration fees include a special rate for 2020 student members. Click here for more information on becoming a student member of the SMS.

If you are a student, but do not want to be a member in 2020, there is a non-member registration option that includes 2021 Student Membership. If you select this registration option, we require that you submit proof of 2021 enrollment from the PhD granting institution and a confirmation letter from a major professor. 

Our goal is to replicate as many in-person conference elements as possible in order to facilitate a variety of session types and deliver multiple opportunities for engagement and interaction, with a mix of live and asynchronous content. Here are some of the exciting benefits of our virtual event. You can learn more on this webpage