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This SMS Extension will be hosted on October 23 on Zoom. Registrants for the extension will be emailed information about how to participate in the event in early October. 

Registration for the extension will be $15 USD. 

Teaching Strategic Management – Revisiting the Challenges and Exploring the Advances

Friday, October 23, 2020
Time: TBD


The fields of strategy and – more broadly - strategic management have developed into essential domains in exploring and understanding the success and failure of firms. This is, on the one hand, reflected in a rich body of research as well as in a vibrant research community. And on the other hand, this is also reflected in the pronounced presence of strategy related topics in management education. Hardly any business related program on an undergraduate, graduate or executive level exists without having such a topic in its curriculum.

But while the research side of the field is developing and spreading further and further, fostered by various conferences and meetings year by year, it would be interesting to understand how the teaching side follows along. But not only in the sense of how the latest research and insights diffuse into programs and curricula. It would also be interesting to understand how teaching itself has developed. What are the challenges that faculty, participants, and schools are facing today? What are the advances in terms of approaches, concepts, tools, and content the teaching community developed?

With this extension, we want to put the topic of teaching strategic management and particularly strategy into the spotlight. We want to create a platform to exchange challenges and experiences, as well as insights, concepts, and tools. We will use a combination of workshops, panel discussions, and showcase sessions to stimulate a fruitful exchange. We will invite dedicated teaching experts from renowned institutions to share best practices, but also provide the floor for each participant to express and discuss their individual challenges. Consequently, with this extension, we aim at contributing to the holistic development of our important field of strategic management by fostering and strengthening the conversation about teaching within the community.


picture of Kurt Verweire
Kurt Verweire
Vlerick Business School

Extension Organizers

picture of Kerstin Fehre
Kerstin Fehre
Vlerick Business School
picture of Carine Peeters
Carine Peeters
Vlerick Business School
picture of Martin Weiss
Martin Weiss
Vlerick Business School