SEPTEMBER 18, 2021
IG&C Workshops
SEPTEMBER 18-21, 2021
SMS Annual Conference

Virtual Workshop

SMS Workshops will be hosted on the virtual conference platform. Workshops are included in the cost of registration for the SMS 4th1 Annual Conference. 

Best Practices for Reliable Quantitative Research in Strategy

September 18, 2021 from 14:15h - 17:15h EDT

Sponsored by: Research Methods Community
Organized by: Brent Goldfarb and Sarah Wolfolds
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Workshop Description

It is common for researchers in strategy to iterate between theory and data to arrive at hypotheses, as researchers refine ideas, understanding of samples, and measurement. However, these results are often presented as tests of theories even though the iterative research distorts p-values and standard errors. This PDW explores why this is a problem and then explores solutions. We then consider how to restructure and publish papers in a way that more accurately maps to implemented research processes and removes pressure to make hypotheses “work”. Journal editors Rajshree Agrawal (Strategic Management Journal), Gary Dushnitsky (Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal), Alfonso Gambardella (Management Science), and Dan Levinthal (Strategy Science) will discuss editorial policies towards explicitly abductive work. The PDW will conclude with two “transition showcases” where authors report on rewriting their papers for a post-hypothesis world. Workshop Structure:

Part 1: The problem: Why hypothetical-deduction is hard (Brent Goldfarb, University of Maryland), Solution 1: Replication and Experiments (Giada DiStefano, Bocconi University), Solution 2: Epistemic Mapping (Andrew King, Boston University), Solution 3: Abduction & Inference to the Best Explanation (Sandeep Pillai, Bocconi University), Implementation: Writing Veridically (Brent Goldfarb).

Part 2: Editors’ Panel.

Part 3: Restructured Paper Showcase: Two authors (Hyunjin Kim, INSEAD & Thomaz Teodorovicz, HBS) will discuss their journey reorganizing a paper from the traditional Hypothesis-Theory testing structure to a structure that more closely maps their true research process. Each segment will include Q&A. A reading list can be found here:


picture of Rajshree Agarwal
Rajshree Agarwal
University of Maryland
picture of Gary Dushnitsky
Gary Dushnitsky
London Business School
picture of Alfonso Gambardella
Alfonso Gambardella
Bocconi University
picture of Daniel Levinthal
Daniel Levinthal
University of Pennsylvania


picture of Andrew King
Andrew King
Boston University
picture of Giada Di Stefano
Giada Di Stefano
Bocconi University
picture of Brent Goldfarb
Brent Goldfarb
University of Maryland
picture of Sandeep Pillai
Sandeep Pillai
Bocconi University
picture of Thomaz Teodorovicz
Thomaz Teodorovicz
Copenhagen Business School

Workshop Organizer

picture of Brent Goldfarb
Brent Goldfarb
University of Maryland
picture of Sarah Wolfolds
Sarah Wolfolds
Cornell University

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