AUGUST 17, 2021
Deadline to Apply
SEPTEMBER 18, 2021
IG&C Workshops
SEPTEMBER 18-21, 2021
SMS Annual Conference

Virtual Workshop

SMS Workshops will be hosted on the virtual conference platform. Workshops are included in the cost of registration for the SMS 4th1 Annual Conference. 

Stakeholder Strategy Panel & Paper Development Workshop

September 18, 2021 from 14:15h - 17:15h EDT

Sponsored by: Stakeholder Strategy Interest Group
Organized by: Mark DesJardine, Ishva Minefee, and Kate Odziemkowska
Panel is open to all attendees
Application Required by August 17 to participate in the paper development portion

Workshop Description

This two-part workshop features a panel discussion of stakeholder theory’s role in managing in a discordant world, and breakout sessions where participants will receive personalized feedback on their stakeholder-related research from senior faculty facilitators.

Echoing the 2021 SMS Conference Theme, the panel brings together two expert scholars to discuss past breakthroughs in stakeholder theory, and to imagine and inspire new breakthroughs necessary to tackle discordant challenges and shocks facing businesses today, including climate change, pandemic-fueled inequality, and sociopolitical violence. Key questions in this space include (but are not limited to): What is the role of normative versus positivist stakeholder theory in reimagining strategy in a discordant world? How can stakeholder theory inform other paradigms in strategic management (e.g., RBV) to inspire breakthroughs in strategy research and practice? How has inter-stakeholder discord (e.g., political polarization) changed stakeholder management? How can companies balance different stakeholders’ interests amid immense unequal distributions of power between those stakeholders? How do companies adjust their stakeholder strategies to effectively operate in different institutional contexts across the globe?


picture of Anita McGahan
Anita McGahan
University of Toronto
picture of Robert Phillips
Robert Phillips
York University


picture of Donal Crilly
Donal Crilly
London Business School
picture of Abhinav Gupta
Abhinav Gupta
University of Washington, Seattle
picture of Jeffrey Harrison
Jeffrey Harrison
University of Richmond
picture of Witold Henisz
Witold Henisz
University of Pennsylvania
picture of Andrew Wicks
Andrew Wicks
University of Virginia
picture of Maurizio Zollo
Maurizio Zollo
Imperial College London

Workshop Organizers

picture of Mark DesJardine
Mark DesJardine
Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College
picture of Ishva Minefee
Ishva Minefee
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
picture of Kate Odziemkowska
Kate Odziemkowska
University of Toronto

Application Requirements

All registered conference attendees are welcome to attend the panel portion of this workshop! 

An application is required for the paper development portion of this workshop. Applicants should submit the following materials as a single PDF through the workshop website.

Application requirements: 

  1. CV
  2. Paper Overview (maximum 5 pages) 

For consideration, please apply by August 17, 2021

Participants must be registered to attend the SMS 41st Annual Conference to attend the workshop.