Submission Guidelines for a Panel

We welcome proposals for panel sessions during the conference. Review the guidelines below and contact the SMS Executive Office with any additional questions.

Panel Session Overview
A panel session consists of a conversation between 3-5 panelists with different perspectives to exchange views on a relevant and current topic, often with one of the panelists serving as facilitator of the discussion and session chair. Audience members can be involved in the discussion as well.

A panel session should not be a collection of individual paper presentations.

Panel Authorship

  • As it relates to panels, the “author” is the panel organizer and the “panelist” is a participant who sits on the panel.
  • A panel proposal will count against the limit of two proposals for those listed as authors on the proposals.
  • For those listed as potential panelists, who are not also authors/organizers, the submission will not count against the limit of two proposals.

Review Process

  • Panel Submissions do not go through the double blind review process, as authorship and panelists are important factors for the quality of the submission.
  • The Track Directors will make decisions on these submissions and notify authors around the same time as notifications for research proposals are shared.

If Accepted

  • If accepted for the conference, authors will be responsible for confirming all panelists attendance.
  • Should the composition of the panel change from the listed participants from the proposal, the Conference Committee reserves the right to withdraw the panel from the program.