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Strategic leadership involves identifying the competitive value that executives can deliver to address new opportunities or threats, evaluating the extent to which today's challenges require CEOs to re-evaluate their role in leadership, and understanding the impact that a CEO's position on issues and their persona can have on firm valuation.

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  • What competitive value can executives deliver on to address new opportunities or threats?
  • How do CEOs and senior leadership teams allocate their time to addressing marketplace disruptions, shifts in the workforce, and rapidly evolving technologies while maintaining current operations?
  • To what extent do today’s challenges require CEOs to re-evaluate their role in leadership?
  • In the face of modern complexities, can overlapping strategies scale up to an effective strategy for the organization as a whole?
  • What impact can a CEO’s position on issues and their persona have on firm valuation?


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The big six questions
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This is one question in a series, the Big Six Questions of Strategic Management, aimed at bridging the worlds of scholarship and practice. These questions serve as an inspiration to guide the development of actionable insights, frameworks, tools, and resources for the SMS community.