Advancing Strategic Entrepreneurship Research through Meta-analysis

Strategic entrepreneurship occurs when firms pursue wealth creation by integrating their entrepreneurial (i.e., opportunity-seeking, explorative) and strategic (i.e., advantage-seeking, exploitative) activities. Strategic entrepreneurship is a relatively young field, but it is growing rapidly, and many important research questions have now attracted a great deal of empirical attention.

As the volume of strategic entrepreneurship research continues its upward trajectory, meta-analysis and related techniques are needed in order to consolidate knowledge involving the entrepreneurial and strategic activities that enable wealth creation for both nascent and established firms. To this end, the goal of the SEJ special issue is to publish a set of impactful papers that examine the evidence supporting important theories, help resolve controversy surrounding theoretical relationships (i.e., is there support and if so how much?), and build and test new theory involving important phenomena involving opportunity- and advantage-seeking activities. The papers might also consider similarities and differences among such activities and wealth creation, for example, in studies of new versus established firms, smaller versus larger firms, firms across a range of institutional contexts, and across different research methodologies.

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Submission Window: July 1, 2019 - August 1, 2019


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