Organizational Design of Entrepreneurial Ventures

Much of what is known about the internal organization of firms is based on the study of large established organizations. Comparatively little research effort has been devoted to understanding the internal organization of entrepreneurial ventures and only a handful of studies have gone to the core of the constitutive elements of the internal organization in firms. There is evidence of interesting variety among new ventures and important deviations from a standard evolutionary path and opportunities for founders to make key choices that have consequences for a venture’s future success. While gathering data on the internal workings of organizations continues to be time and resource intensive, the time is ripe to collate what has been learned and set the agenda for future research.

Some broad research questions that might be addressed by contributions in the special issue might include:

  • What are the internal and external contingencies that explain the diverse organizational arrangements seen in new ventures?

  • How does the internal organization of entrepreneurial ventures interact with governance, ownership, industry, and geography?

  • How important are “genetic” characteristics of firms? What are the peculiarities in the organization of family firms, academic start-ups, born-global firms, or entrepreneurial ventures with open business models?

  • How does the entrepreneurial ventures’ internal organization affect economic and innovative performance?

The submission deadline is July 31, 2017.

Guest Editors:


Diane Burton           Massimo Colombo         Cristina Rossi Lamastra    Noam Wasserman
Cornell University    Polytechnic University    Polytechnic University       Harvard Business School
                                of Milan                          of Milan                             University of Southern