Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies

The center of gravity of economic activity is shifting from mature, market economies (i.e. North America, Western Europe & Japan) to emerging economies (exemplified by the BRICS acronym), that are increasingly adopting a market orientation. Indeed this decade has also seen tremendous technological, organizational and business model innovations in emerging economies. These innovations range from new forms of organizing and scaling growth ventures, leapfrogging of mature economies in some technological niches, new opportunities in consolidating fragmented markets and creating new market niches, new ways of organizing social entrepreneurship, to a new social ecology of entrepreneurs. These phenomena are important and worthy of study in their own right; in addition there are two reasons why focus on entrepreneurship in emerging economies in crucial for the field.

this is an appropriate time to gauge the boundaries of our existing conceptual frameworks, use new phenomenon and new data sources as test-beds for new theoretical development (across *all* levels of analysis), and collate what has been learnt. The special issue is thus an opportunity to both set the agenda for future research on entrepreneurship in emerging economies by curating exemplars as well as shed new conceptual light on the entrepreneurship process more broadly.

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The Submission Deadline is February 15, 2019.


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