Cooperative Strategy

SMS 44th Annual Conference Istanbul

Strategic Management of Fault Lines, Contradictions, and Divergences

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What Fuels Reluctance on Climate Change Action?

This is an excerpted transcript of an SMS webinar on “Alliances in Sustainable Development & Environment Preservation” hosted by the SMS Cooperative Strategies Interest Group. It has been edited for…

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What is the Contribution of the Alliance Network to Firm Profitability?

Recent work in the Strategic Management Journal coauthored by Pankaj Kumar, Xiaojin (Jim) Liu, and Akbar (Aks) Zaheer, helps add fresh insights into the sources of variation in firm profitability.…

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Income or Education? Community-level Antecedents of Firms’ Category-spanning Activities

A new study in the Strategic Management Journal written by Heewon Chae helps shed light on how the COVID-19 crisis influences retail firms’ business portfolio and product offerings. In this…

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Strategic Responses to Crisis

A Virtual Special Issue edited by Matthias Wenzel, Sarah Stanske, and Marvin Lieberman Currently, the pandemic crisis is affecting the lives of people and organizations around the world. As the…

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“Reshaping Demand Landscapes: How Firms Change Customer Preferences to Better Fit their Products.” A Conversation with the Author

by Esther Leibel Vinokurova’s analysis of the development of the MBS market is based on a massive archival database (366 industry documents and periodicals and 13 books from 1960 to…

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Depiction of the Battle of Thermopylae Mamos

Reflections on Hannah and Eisenhardt’s “How Firms Navigate Cooperation and Competition in Nascent Ecosystems”: Exploring Bottlenecks as a Central Concept in Innovation Ecosystem Theory

by David Clough Industries in an early phase of emergence are steeped with uncertainty. When this is combined with a complex, novel technology, managers face a deeply challenging environment in…

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