Strategizing New Growth Avenues in an Evolving Global Context

Over the past few decades strategy scholars have made great strides in explaining firm growth. Some scholars have underlined the role of innovations as vital drivers of firm growth. Others have highlighted, instead, the influences stemming from the resources that firms possess and the processes through which they accumulate and redeploy resources. Research on global strategies has advanced our understanding of the challenges and opportunities that firms face when expanding across national borders. Yet, despite the rich body of knowledge about firm growth resulting from these various perspectives, several contemporary developments suggest the need to revisit current thinking and point to fruitful opportunities to expand the research frontier on this important issue. Recent developments in a variety of industries hold the promise of opening new growth avenues for companies. Harnessing this technological potential may require companies to rethink their competitive and cooperative strategies. The conference will feature sessions with distinguished scholars, business leaders and public policymakers to advance conversations about the need to rethink firm growth and strategize new growth avenues in the face of the evolving global context.

Published Date
25 August 2023

Article Type
Conference News


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