From Isolation to Integration in the C-Suite: Consolidating our Gains in Strategic Leadership Research

At its heart, strategic management is concerned with explaining firm heterogeneity. Scholars within the strategic leadership paradigm view the firm as a reflection of its top managers, and thus build upon the premise that firms vary because their strategists vary. Its popularity has risen of late with field-wide interest in behavioral strategy and micro-foundations of strategic management. Scholars have identified the influence of an increasing range of dispositions, cognitions, experiences, and values on CEO behavior, the CEO-TMT and CEO-board interfaces, and broader corporate outcomes while taking advantage of wider and more comprehensive access to promising data sources. However, when viewed collectively, this work is often fragmented. The goal of this SMS special conference is to provide a forum for sharing insights with scholars as well as practitioners and to move closer to an integrated view of strategic leadership phenomena. The conference will provide opportunities for strategy (macro) scholars, micro scholars, and executives to interact. Opportunities include prominent keynote speakers, integrative panel discussions, and specific within-track activities as well as social events for informal interactions.

Published Date
25 August 2023

Article Type
Conference News


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