The Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal is delighted to extend a warm welcome to the newest members of our Editorial Board! Your expertise and dedication are invaluable as we navigate the forefront of entrepreneurial research and innovation. Here’s to fostering insightful dialogue, shaping impactful scholarship, and propelling the field forward together.

Associate Editor

Marco Giarratana – IE University
Laurina Zhang – Boston University

Editorial Review Members

Brandy Aven – Carnegie Mellon University
Melody Chang – University of Southern California
David R. Clough – University of British Columbia
Daphne Ann Demetry – McGill University
Tim Hannigan – University of Alberta
Vivianna Fang He – University of St. Gallen
Han Jiang – The Chinese University of Hong Kong
HeeJung Jung – Imperial College London
Rembrand Koning – Harvard University
Wesley W. Koo – Johns Hopkins University
Venkat Kuppuswamy – Northeastern University
Ali Mohammadi – Copenhagen Business School
Abhishek Nagaraj – University of California – Berkeley
Paul Nary – University of Pennsylvania
Robert Nason – McGill University
Mark Packard – Florida Atlantic University
Ethan Poskanzer – University of Colorado Boulder
Ram Ranganathan – University of Texas at Austin
Jen Rhymer – University College London
Jan-Michael Ross – Imperial College London
Arkadiy Sakhartov – University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Andreas Schwab – Iowa State University
Yash Shrestha – University of Lausanne
Taiyuan Wang – CEIBS
Audra Wormald – University of North Carolina
Robert Wuebker – The University of Utah
Daphne Yiu – Singapore Management University
Pavel Zhelyazkov – The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Published Date
01 July 2024

Article Type
Journals News


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