by Aija Leiponen


In this episode we discuss recent research on the economics of management. How do managers add value to companies… and to economies? Given their value, why are good management practices so slow to spread?

Research cited in the discussion:
1) “New Empirical Economics of Management” Bloom, Lemos, Sadun, Scur, and Van Reenen. Centre for Economic Performance working paper, April 2014

2) “Does Management Matter: Evidence from India” Bloom, Eifert, Mahajan, McKenzie, Roberts NBER working paper January 2011.

3) “Measuring what matters for management practices” Bennett and Snyder SSRN working paper, September 2013.

5) “What do managers do? Exploring persistent performance differences in seemingly similar enterprises” Henderson and Gibbons. HBS working paper, September 2012.

Published Date
26 August 2015

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