SMS is excited to announce the Grant Recipients for 2023!

In 2023, the SRF operated two competitive grant programs: the Will Mitchell Dissertation Research Grant Program (WMDRG) for doctoral students, and the Research in Strategic Management Program (RSM) for faculty. 61 applications were received across the two programs, and the SRF Leadership has approved 14 applications for funding at a total of $178,840.

Learn more about the grant recipients and their research projects below.

Research in Strategic Management Program

Nan Jia, University of Southern California
“The AI Impact on Corporate Strategies: Transforming Skill Returns and Business Scope”

Narae Lee, The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
“Navigating a Changing Strategy Landscape: Assessing the Role of Carbon Transition Risks in Corporate Strategic Decisions”

Catherine Magelssen, London Business School
“Legal and Economic Ownership of Intellectual Property within Multiunit Firms”

Will Mitchell Dissertation Research Program

Dana Jongyoun Baek, INSEAD
“Forging Collaborative Pathways: Navigating Disruptive Technologies Through Inter-Organizational Networks”

Abhishek Bhatia, London Business School
“Beyond Traditional Boundaries: Three Essays on Novel Mechanisms in Entrepreneurial Resource Mobilization”

Mei Chen, BI Norwegian Business School
“Essays on Policy Mix, Industrial Clusters, and Projects in Renewable Energy Transition”

Gianni De Bruyn, University of South Carolina
“Strategic Opportunity in the Shadow of Geopolitical Tensions: A Deep Dive into Firm and Private Equity’s Prowess in Disrupted Geopolitical Landscapes”

Clara Depalma, Bocconi University
“Three Essays on Multiple Evaluations”

Piyush Gulati, INSEAD
“Lateral Collaboration in Decentralizing Firms”

Abhishek Gupte, New York University
“Anticipating Disruption in Knowledge Work: A Field-Level Study of AI in Law Firms”

Yeon Jin Kim, University of Minnesota
“Gender and Entrepreneurship”

Johan Rath, Bocconi University
“Appropriation Strategies in the Face of Grand Challenges: Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic”

Puneet Sachdeva, University of Texas at Austin
“How AI Adoption Strategies Affect Firm Performance”

Amrita Saha, University of Toronto
“Shaping a Postcolonial Market: How Entrepreneurs and Intermediaries Build a Marketplace in the Wake of Institutional Deregulation”

Published Date
12 February 2024

Article Type
Grant Funding News


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