The SMS with the initial support from the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton created this award in 2000 in recognition of a PhD candidate’s presentation of an outstanding paper at the SMS Annual Conference.

PhD candidates, whose proposals meet the below eligibility criteria, are invited to submit a full paper version of their submitted proposal for consideration by the review committee. These are studied before the conference and 10 finalists are named prior to the conference.

In 2022, this award went to:

“When Uber Eats its Own Business, and its Competitors’ too: Platform Diversification and Cross-platform Cannibalization”

Hyuck David Chung, University of Michigan
Yue Maggie Zhou, University of Michigan
Christine Choi, University of North Carolina

“Combating Sociopolitical Spillover With Countervailing Claims: Evidence From Charlottesville”

William Hurst, University of Michigan

“Demand for Technologies and Direction of Research: The Roles of Intellectual Distance and Research Quality”

Jino Lu, University of Southern California

“Changing the System, Not the Seeker”

Amisha Miller, Boston University

“Behavioral Experiments on Attention to Multiple Goals: Timing and Relationship Between Goals Affect Performance”

Ann Xavier, ETH Zurich
Daniella Laureiro-Martinez, ETH Zurich

Published Date
25 August 2023

Article Type
Awards News, Conference News


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