Rethinking Corporate Strategy in the Age of Paradox

The world around us is changing in startling ways. We have, arguably, entered an age of paradox – an age of simultaneous, interdependent, and persistent contradictions. Digital disruption and societal turbulence across the globe are putting phenomenal pressure on corporations, and existing paradigms in corporate strategy seem insufficient to provide guidance in these turbulent times. Strategic management, as a field, may have a golden opportunity to reinvent itself. The SMS Special Conference in India is aimed at these vital issues, which can potentially change the contours of business and corporate strategy. By bringing together scholars and practitioners in the field of strategic management, from across the globe to India, we hope to seed important conversations that should lead us to new discoveries of ideas and frameworks for building the future of strategy. India itself–churned today by a variety of paradoxes—provides an apt location for these deliberations. The conference provides an opportunity to revisit the legacy of late Professor CK Prahalad, who was instrumental in shaping our thinking on corporate strategy and anticipated the age of paradox in his work.

Published Date
25 August 2023

Article Type
Conference News


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