What initiatives have you been involved in within the SMS recently, or what is something you’re excited about that is coming up for SMS?

“I was an AE for SMJ and part of the leadership team for the K&I IG. I guest edited a Special Issue for SMJ on Platform Ecosystems, and I am currently involved in guest editing one in SEJ on entreprenreurial decisionmaking in the digital age. I am also co-organizing the PhD workshop at the SMS main conference for the second time.

For the future, I am involved in planning for an SMS Special Conference in the near future. I am very excited about it and hope to be able to share more soon!”

What’s your favorite part of being a member of the Strategic Management Society?

“The combination of activities. It’s not just the journal or the conference or the IGs, SMS activities all work so well with each other. There’s also a real sense of community and familiarity among SMS members, which I really enjoy.”

When you are not immersed in strategic management, what can we find you doing?

“I tend to run as much as I can find the time for. I am wildly untalented, but stubborn. So I’ve gotten some decent results on recent half marathons that make me incredibly proud but that more talented runners would be embarrassed to even mention in public.

I also like to cook, although less so now than I used to. I specialize in heavy, meat-focused dishes in line with my German origins, but I am branching out into other cuisines and ingredients. Perhaps similar to strategic management, I seek out complementarities between dishes in an elaborate meal, both in terms of tastes and in terms of the logistics. I get a lot of joy from arranging textures, ingredients and styles that come together well and that can be cooked well in the course of an evening.”

Please tell us about your family, loved ones, and/or pets.

“I am married with two daughters (9 and 14). When she was still quite young, our older daughter announced that she wanted to be a scientist when she grows up. My wife (a historian) and I were chuffed to bits that we had been so inspirational. After a second’s pause, our daughter said: ‘But a real scientist (going on expeditions and such), not like the two of you.'”