What’s your favorite part of being a member of the Strategic Management Society?
“The inclusive nature of SMS stands out prominently. My initial interaction was during the 40th annual meeting in 2020, held virtually due to the pandemic. Although apprehensive at first, the conference provided me with enriching interactions and a sense of belonging, coupled with valuable insights for my research endeavors.”
In your area of focus within the strategic management field, what intrigues you most?
“While my academic roots are in finance, I’m passionate about leveraging this knowledge to foster sustainability. To holistically address sustainability, understanding broader business strategies and management is essential. The resources at SMS have been instrumental in this journey.”
When you are not immersed in strategic management, what can we find you doing?
“I enjoy exercising, aiming for at least three sessions a week. I also love reading books, one after another, paired with a satisfying cup of coffee. I cherish intimate dinners with a close friend or two, and I often find solace in strolling through town or exploring the scenic trails of San Diego.”
What are you reading right now?
“Having recently completed “A Tale of Two Cities,” I began delving into “Wuthering Heights” just two days ago. I’m revisiting classics, and it’s fascinating to observe the fresh perspectives and insights I gain now, compared to when I first encountered them at a younger age.”

SMS Position
DEI Committee Member