Dr Francisco Brahm’s research sets out to understand two aspects of organisations. First, their nature: the essential forces that explain their origin as well as their function for agents and economies at large. Second, their formal structure (for example, vertical and horizontal boundaries, delegation and incentives systems) and the informal forces within firms (for instance, cooperation, trust and norms) and how these impact performance.

Dr Brahm has a Business Engineering degree and a MSc in Management from Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (PUC). He was a Research Associate at PUC and a management consultant at a boutique strategy and operations consulting firm in Chile before embarking on a PhD in Management at Cambridge University.

He frequently reviews papers for academic journals and conferences and provides expert assessment of projects submitted to research funds. His own research has been published in several leading academic journals, such as Management Science, Strategic Management Journal, and Nature Human Behaviour.

He previously served as Chief Financial Officer at a building materials company. He continues to actively collaborate with firms in tackling managerial challenges.