picture of Marvin Lieberman
Marvin Lieberman
University of California, Los Angeles
picture of Matthias Wenzel
Matthias Wenzel
Leuphana University of L√ľneburg

Media Innovations Aims and Scope

SMS Media Innovations harnesses digital media to disseminate SMS insights and engage the strategy community in conversations about strategic management. Our vision is to use digital media to enrich the global community of strategic management scholarship.

Recognition. We explore ways to enhance the recognition of SMS scholarship both within academia and across broader society.

Engagement. We engage the community by facilitating and strengthening connections within the community of academics and practitioners of strategic management.

Impact. We seek to help drive SMS impact by increasing membership, scientific citations to SMS journal articles, article downloads from the Wiley Online Library, participation in SMS events, and broader influence on teaching, policy, and practice.

We are following three main themes within the REI vision: Promotion, Access, and Discussion (PAD). We believe the open approach across the three PAD themes contributes to all three REI outcomes and thus the success of the Society and its scholarship.

Promotion. Together with teams from the SMS and Wiley, we are creating new ways of promoting the SMS scholarship and events to SMS members and as many interested people as possible beyond the society membership.

Access. We are working with the SMS and Wiley stakeholders to improve access to SMS research and community via websites and email communications. We seek to make it as simple and streamlined as possible to move between SMS, Wiley, and related websites and find articles, events, and experts.

Discussion. We attempt to facilitate discussions on the social networks. We seek to engage authors, other members of the SMS community, and the broader community of people interested in strategic management in the conversations