SMS Conferences

The SMS holds several conferences throughout the year, broadening and developing the field of Strategic Management. Each conference explores a unique and current theme in the field and brings together leading scholars and experts from around the world. These conferences allow the opportunity for both young and senior scholars to present their research and receive feedback to develop the area of academia, as well as their careers. We are also proud to host workshops along with our conferences to allow more in-depth discussion and research development for our scholars.

SMS Dates

OCTOBER 1,2019
Submission Deadline for Proposals for SRF Programs
OCTOBER 3, 2019
Submission Deadline for Proposals for SMS Special Conference in Berkeley
OCTOBER 19-22, 2019
SMS Annual Conference in Minneapolis
NOVEMBER 1-30, 2019
SMS Leadership Elections
DECEMBER 2, 2019
Submission Deadline for Proposals for SMS Special Conference in Hangzhou
FEBRUARY 21, 2020
Submission Deadline for Proposals for SMS Annual Conference in London
MARCH 25-27, 2020
SMS Special Conference in Berkeley
JUNE 12-14, 2020
SMS Special Conference in Hangzhou
OCTOBER 24-27, 2020
SMS Annual Conference in London

Annual Conferences

Our Annual Conferences focus on global issues within the field of Strategic Management and bring together around 1,000 attendees alternating between locations in Europe and North America. These conferences stem from our origins in 1981 with the inaugural meeting in London. Since then, we have hosted conferences in several cities between the two continents. As our annual conferences are larger events, we also take time to honor scholars in the field at an awards ceremony and plan a cultural event in the city we are visiting.

Special Conferences

Our Special Conferences are smaller in size, usually 150-300 attendees, and through these events we are able to extend our realm of vision to more geographic areas and more topically focused issues in the field. These have grown in popularity in recent years, and so the SMS has been hosting between 2-3 of them each year. With each Special Conference, we gather scholars and practitioners under a more focused setting to allow a more in-depth exploration of the theme.

Aspects of SMS Conferences

SMS Presentation Guidelines

Have you noticed that academic presentations can be ineffective or even painful? Often the main point, the contribution, gets lost in a sea of details. Put simply, don’t present the paper – sell people that they should read it. SMS has developed a few suggestions to help you design more effective presentations.

Interested in Hosting a Special Conference with SMS?

We welcome ideas and expressions of interest from members who want to be involved in creating a special event that focusses on a specific topical area. Please click here to learn additional information about the events and how to contact us.