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The goal of the Practitioner Strategy Committee is to increase the presence of SMS among non-academic audiences. There are three specific aspects of this. First, the Committee aims to attract a broader practitioner audience to disseminate cutting-edge academic research and introduce that research’s relevant impact into the business community. Second, they engage top business leaders and consultants to inform future SMS/SRF research, teaching, and outreach initiatives that result in actionable insights that advance the field. Third, the Committee strives to create opportunities for meaningful interactions between academics and practitioners to drive advances in research and practice related to strategic management.

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Group Leadership Details

Paul Mang

Guidewire Software


Sekou Bermiss

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Barbara Grobicki

Strategic Management Society

Myles Shaver

University of Minnesota

George Stalk Jr

Boston Consulting Group

Rudy Durand

HEC Paris

Claudy Jules

Accenture Strategy

Martin Reeves

Boston Consulting Group

Michael Andersen

Andersen Advisory Group