The purpose of the Membership Committee is to provide oversight and guidance to all membership initiatives with SMS. Specific objectives include staying abreast of current trends and needs within the SMS community and recommend plans to meet those needs, regularly reviewing current membership services and programs to provide recommendations on improvements or changes to meet the needs of members, and developing and recommending tactics for increasing the SMS membership base, especially among historically underrepresented groups, and the global community. In addition to these responsibilities, the Membership Committee acts as a point of contact between the SMS Interest Groups & Communities and the SMS Board of Directors, including but not limited to providing guiding objectives and overseeing IG&C governance.

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Group Leadership Details

Aseem Kaul

University of Minnesota


Tracy Anderson

Bocconi University

Africa Ariño

IESE Business School

Ignacio Canales

University of Aberdeen

Barbara Grobicki

Strategic Management Society

Jessica Jeesoo Kim

University of California, Irvine

George Stalk Jr

Boston Consulting Group

Yan Anthea Zhang