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“This one-day conference extension, hosted by NYU Stern’s Center for the Future of Management, explores “burning questions” about open source, and specifically how it can be used to foster innovation and ignite growth while ensuring equitable outcomes for workers and other stakeholders. The program is designed to address Question #5 from the Six Big Questions of Strategic Management: How do organizations balance the need for innovation and growth with efficiency concerns and business model constraints? It will do so by exploring challenges and opportunities arising from the use of open source software.

The program will be organized around four sets of presentations (each followed by a moderated Q&A) that cover the following: (1) how best to define and measure open source? (2) how does open source affect entrepreneurship & innovation? (3) how does open source affect how firms are organized and grow? (4) how does open source affect workers in firms adopting it? The presentations will be delivered by a mix of junior and senior scholars, as well as practitioners in government, think tanks and industry.”

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Event Type
Conference Extension


29 Sep, 2023


12:30pm UTC-5 - 09:00pm UTC-5

Tisch Hall, NYU Stern School of Business

Event Organizers

Robert Seamans (New York University)

Martin Fleming (Varicent)

Frank Nagle (Harvard University)

Sonali Shah (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)


SMS Executive Office


40 West 4th Street
New York, NY