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This virtual panel and mini-workshop offers a deep dive on the topic of “behavioral governance,” that is, how the putting realistic, evidence-based behavioral assumptions into governance theories further these. “Governance theories” here include organizational economics theories such as transaction cost economics, as well as organization theory, particularly in the organization design tradition.

The format will consist of presentations by thought leaders in the behavioral governance space, who will present different takes on what behavioral governance and how it may (and should) develop in the future. The presentations will be followed by small group breakout discussion sessions where participants will have the opportunity to discuss behavioral governance issues and themes with panelists and among themselves.

Attendees will come away from this virtual session with an improved understanding of how macro organizational and governance issues connect to various assumptions about individual motivation and cognition, and an appreciation of existing attempts to further behavioral governance research.

Speakers: Flore Bridoux, Nicolai Foss, John Joseph, Ambra Mazzelli, Phanish Puranam, Libby Weber

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Through rigorous teaching and active engagement with the business community, we focus on developing students’ leadership skills, analytical techniques, team spirit and social responsibility in this new era. We have carefully designed our programs at both the undergraduate and the graduate levels to create an engaging learning experience. We also have two well-established centers –Center for Leadership & Innovation (CLI) and Asian Center for Branding & Marketing (ACBM) –that produce leading research outputs. Through our close connections with the local and regional business communities, students will benefit from diverse resources and develop their pioneering visions and entrepreneurial thinking. Following our Faculty of Business motto of IDEAS – Innovation-Driven Education and Scholarship, we encourage our students to question the status quo and to discover, design, and deliver new business solutions of real-world impacts.

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10 Apr, 2024


07:00am EDT - 09:30am EDT



SMS Executive Office



Behavioral Strategy