2024 SMS Extensions: Overview and Requirements

We invite you to organize a SMS Conference Extension! The following provides an overview of the structure and requirements of these topical workshops held in conjunction with the SMS Annual Conference:

  • Takes place at a venue that is within 1-2 hour’s travel time of the SMS Annual Conference location, or is held virtually.
  • One-day event, approximately 6-8 hours of programming (virtual Extensions are allowed shorter durations)
  • Held within 3 days prior to or following the SMS Annual Conference (virtual Extensions may be held up to 10 days before the conference). No Extensions will be held during the Annual Conference.
  • A very limited number of Extensions will be offered; we anticipate around 4-5. Proposed Extensions will be reviewed and selected by the Conference Program Chairs.
  • In addition to the requirement that Extensions have a thematic tie to the Annual Conference theme, there are two new selection criteria that the Program Chairs will look for:
    • Demonstrated thematic tie to one of the Six Big Questions of Strategic Management
    • Strong practitioner-involved programming, such as a visit to a local corporate headquarters or academic-practitioner roundtables
  • For your Extension to be considered, please submit your plans using the online submission form, which collects information on prospective organizers, theme, dates, location, and costs, by February 21, 2024. Below please find additional details that will help in creating your proposal.

Timeline for Accepted Extensions

February 21, 2024

Deadline to Submit Extension Proposals

Early March

Extension Acceptance Decisions Announced

March 29, 2024

Finalize Extension theme & description of program, date/time, etc.


Extension Registration Opens

June 12, 2024

Finalize Extension panelists & speakers; tentative program available

August 1, 2024

Finalize Extension program/schedule of events

October 1, 2024

Extension Registration Closes

Submit Your Extension Proposal

Submit your proposed Extension for the SMS 44th Annual Conference in Istanbul for review today!